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Name Arthur Dobinson Smith
Nick Name "Smudge"
Last Known Address Dykelands Road, Sunderland.
Family Circumstances Married to Molly and they had a family of 2 Children.

Unit of Service Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
Number and Rank 7627341. L/Corporal.
Date & Place of Death Sunderland.
Grave Location
(if known)
Where Commemorated
(if known)


Details of any Medals, conflict, training or operations which the deceased had participated in during service.

1939 - 1945 War Medal.  1939 - 1945 Victory Medal.

Arthur served in the North Africa Campaign and was taken prisoner at Tobruk.

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Here is a potted history of Arthur as submitted by his Grandaughter Anne.

My granddad Lance Corporal Arthur Dobinson Smith was a driver /mechanic in the RAOC.   He was captured in Tobruk and taken to an Italian POW camp - eventually they were transferred to a Stalag and my granddad was placed in Stalag VIIIB.    We don’t know much other than he contracted malaria as many did in POW camps; he stole food (was a bit sneaky); taught other PoW to read and write and he taught maths.   He taught himself basic German to try and stay one step ahead of the guards.   He also was one of the many involved in the Death March ( At the end of the war to avoid prisoners falling back into the hands of the advancing allies) and the letter I have attached we understand was from another PoW who my granddad helped to get through the March.


My granddad grew up in Sunderland on the northside.   He lost his dad at a very young age - his dad was a plumber and died of lead poisoning in his late 30s leaving a large family behind.   They lived in Devonshire Street, Horatio Street - then my granddad married and he and my nana lived in Netherburn Road, Annie Street and Inverness Street before their final move to Cuthbertson Court, Dykelands Road.   Upon Army discharge and adjusting back to civilian life my granddad became a supervisor in Luxdon Laundry and I think he had been a bus driver at some time too.


Arthur with his Brother In Law, James Joblin


Below: Arthur is standing 2nd from the left



Arthur in the 1940's.

  Below are a collection of pictures in North Africa.


Arthur is 2nd from the right.


Arthur is on the left.



Below Lambinowice Italian POW Camp.


Below is the Release Leave Certificate issued to Arthur.


Below is a letter letter that Arthur received from a fellow inmate

who he helped whilst in captivity.



After being taken prisoner and being imprisoned in Lambinowice POW Camp Arthur then went to Stalag V111B which was renamed camp 344 at Lamsdorf in Poland.

The link below takes you to a website dedicated to that POW camp.

It gives a fantastic insight to what the prisoners went through whilst they were detainees and the story behind the Death March.

Lamsdorf POW Camp



Arthur and his wife Molly at their house in Inverness Street in 1959.


Below a copy of the entry of Marriage in the first quarter of 1934.

















All data is offered in good faith. Should you feel any information is inaccurate or incomplete please contact sunderlandafn@gmail.com