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Name Matthew Neal Kirby
Nick Name  
Last Known Address 546 West 132nd Street, New York City, USA.
Family Circumstances Married to

Unit of Service Canadian Military Engineers
Number and Rank 2006171  Sapper
Date & Place of Death St John (also known as St Jean) Military Hospital , Richelain, Canada. Quebec.
Grave Location
(if known)
New York City Woodside Calvary Cemetary, USA  Sec 43. Range 13. Grave 10.
Where Commemorated
(if known)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission




Matthew was born on 4th September 1886 at 44 Dame Dorothy Street, Monkwearmouth.  In 1911 he was boarding in Harrogate at the time of the census

In 1913 he emigrated to the United States of America and was followed 10 months later by his wife Mary who he had married in Sunderland in 1911.

In the USA he was recorded as a painter before joining the Canadian Army.

Details of any Medals, conflict

Below the are attestation papers for Matthew dated 18th June 1917 it shows Mathew joining the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Forces to fight alongside British Forces. On his papers it states that he had served 2 years as a Sapper in The Imperial Engineers.

A Gratuity was paid to anyone who signed up to serve with British Forces in conflict.


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Below is the Central registy showing Matthews Birth

(5th entry down left hand column).




The 1891 summary and Census showing Matthew and his family.

The summary shows:


Name: Gender: Age: Relationship: Birth Year: Father: Mother: Birth Place: Civil Parish: Household Members:
M N Kirby
M N Kirby
Alice Kirby
Sunderland, Durham, England
Monk Wearmouth Shore
M N Kirby 30
Alice Kirby 29
Charlotte Kirby 10
Annie Kirby 9
Elizabeth Kirby 6
M N Kirby 4
Margaret Kirby 2



  Below is the 1911 summary and census showing Matthew living on the night of the census in Harrogate.

(if people were away for work of on holiday they are recorded where they are at that time it was not necessarily their home address).

The summary shows:


Name: Age in 1911: Estimated Birth Year: Relation to Head: Gender: Birth Place: Civil Parish: County/Island: Country: Street address: Marital Status: Occupation: Registration district: Household Members:
Matthew Keal Kirby
abt 1887
Sunderland, Durham, England
Yorkshire-West Riding
28 West Park Harrogate Yorkshire
William Mothersill 55
Mary Hannah Mothersill 50
Fred Mothersill 24
Mary Elizabeth Mothersill 20
Lily Mothersill 10
John Edward Bradley 28
Matthew Keal Kirby 24




Matthews Central Marriage Registry Entry 1911 to Mary Anne McCoy

(10th entry down left hand column).




R.M.S Carmania which Mathew went to the U.S.A. on.

His wife Mary Ann also emigrated on the same ship 10 months later arriving 27th October 1913.

She would have been detained and released to her husband who lived at 1465 Amsterdam Avenue, N.Y.C.


Mary listed on the Liverpool outgoing passengers lists.

(bottom entry).



Mary's detention document. (line 18).




The outgoing manifest of people going out from the United Kingdom

(Deparment of Commerce and Trade).


Matthews alien registration card.


Mathews attestation papers.




Below the card shows a Matthew as a resident of the USA serving in the Canadian Forces.



Below is the registration and details of Matthews death.




Woodside Calvary Cemetery where Matthew was laid to rest.



The Commonwealth War Graves Commemoration Certificate.









All data is offered in good faith. Should you feel any information is inaccurate or incomplete please contact sunderlandafn@gmail.com