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Name Robert Henry Downs JR.
Nick Name Bob Downs
Last Known Address Waveney Crescent, Sunderland.
Family Circumstances Married twice with 4 Daughters.

Unit of Service 16 Durham Light Infantry.  2nd Company Mortars.
Number and Rank Sergeant.
Date & Place of Death 24th December 1967.  Sunderland.  Aged 44.
Grave Location
(if known)
Where Commemorated
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Details of any Medals, conflict, training or operations which the deceased had participated in during service.

"Bob" served in Egypt in 1943 and then went onto serve in Italy at Capri, Salerno, Naples, Rome, and Florence.

He was awarded the following medals for his service:

The 1939 -1945 War Medal                 The 1939 - 1945 British Star              The Italy Star.




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"Bob" had a number of relatives serve in the armed forces, many of them are entered in this Online Memorial Book .

His Father:            Robert Henry Downs Snr.

His Brother:          Gordon Downs.

His Great Niece:    Helen Border.

All the above can be found in the index of names.

Bob was born in Sunderland on the 7th April 1923.

After completing his army service he left the army in 1946 and in 1949 married Jeannie Harold.  Two daughters were born Maureen and Susan. Bob remarried in 1962 and another 2 daughters were born Natalie and Nicola.

Bob's daughter Maureen provided the following information on Bob's life.

Bob was involved in the Industrial Orthopedic Society's Manor House Hospital on North End Road, Golders Green, London. The hospital was originally opened during the First World War to care for injured servicemen. After the war the Society became a membership organisation into which industrial workers paid a weekly subscription in return for care should they suffer a debilitating injury at work. When the National Health Service was established in 1948 Manor House Hospital was one of only three hospitals exempted from becoming part of the service, and it remained an independent, non profit, mutual hospital for workers and trade unionists. The Society later changed its name to the Manor House Friendly Society but a decline in membership led to the hospital being sold in the late 90's. The site is now a gated community of luxury flats. Several Sunderland people attended the opening of a new branch of the Manor House Hospital by the Queen Mother.

More information on Manor House Hospital can be found by clicking on the link below:

Manor House Hospital.

At the time of his death Bob was a Chief Wages Clerk and Welfare Officer for the Sunderland Forge and Engineering Company. He was also the Welfare Officer for the Freemasons and on the Committee of the Belford House Tennis Club.

Belford House was the former home of Sir Norman Thompson and his son Major Cyril Thompson of J.L. Thompson Shipyards, North Sands, Sunderland. As if Bob did not have enough to keep him busy he was also an Area Collector for Littlewoods Pools.

Below is Bob's Birth in the Central Register.

( bottom of left hand column).

Below are images of Bob.

Bob (Centre) with his brothers Gordon and Roy.


Bob In Salerno in 1943


Bob In Salerno September 1943

(Back Left).



Bob as the tailors dummy and a good snap of the tree.

14th May 1944.


Bob in St Peters Square, Rome in May 1945.


Bob 14th December 1945.


First day as a Sergeant.  July 1946.



The Central register showing Bob's Marriage to Jeannie Harold in 1949.

(Halfway down left hand column).


The Cental Register recording Bob's death in 1967.

(Halfway down left hand column).


Bob's other serving Family.

Below is Robert Henry Downs Senior who is on the left of the first picture.

Below that he is pictured wearing his WW1 Medals.



Below is Bob's brother Gordon who died in Sri Lanka.


Gordon in Sri Lanka.

(second from the left).



Gordon in Uniform on the right.





















All data is offered in good faith. Should you feel any information is inaccurate or incomplete please contact sunderlandafn@gmail.com