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Welcome to the Sunderland Armed Forces online Memorial Book. All those listed must have lived in the current boundary of the City of Sunderland. All commemorated must have served since 4th August 1914 to the present day and they must be from the Armed Forces, (immaterial of when they served) or The Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxilary who have served during a conflict.

Please note at this time all applications have to be submitted on a paper application form as we require the signature of the nearest surviving next of kin.

More detailed information can be found on the application form.

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If you do not have a printer a form can be posted to you. Please contact Mandy Howard on; 0191 561 1330 or email here


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Sunderland Online Memorial Book - click on a name to view records



Aldridge, Jacob         R.Field.Artillery

Anderson, Douglas             R.Signals

Arkley. James                         D.L.I.

Arkley. John                       W. Yorks

Atley. William                  Tank Corps.


Baharie. John George               D.L.I.

Baker. Christopher         Highlanders

Beamson, Charlie       R. Engineers

Black. Robert. B             Royal Navy

Border. Helen Louise               R.A.F.

Bruce, John                         R.A.M.C.

Bulmer. James H             Royal Navy

Bulmer, Thomas               R.Hussars

Bunn, John George                   D.L.I.


Carr, George Anthony              D.L.I. 

Clarke, David                           R.A.F.

Clarke, Irving James Jnr      R.A.D.C.

Clarke, Irving James Snr.Tank Corps

Clarke, James Cooper            D.L.I.

Curtis, Jackie            Merchant Navy   




Davison, John William           R.F.A.

Downs. Gordon              Royal Navy

Downs. Robert Henry Snr.      R.H.A

Downs. Robert Henry Jnr        D.L.I.





Farrer. Gavin Graeme          Light Inf

Finkle, Harry          West Yorks Regt

Foulds, Robert Tuck         R.Artillery




Gardiner. Joseph           R Engineers

Gordon, Wilfred Lumle Royal Navy

Graham, James            R. Engineers

Gray. Martin Thompson            D.L.I,

Green. John Bosanko              R.A.F.


Herbert. Thomas                      D.L.I.

Heslop. Lindsay Moore  R.Engineers

Hopper, Thomas H        R.Engineers

Hull, Robert              Sth Lancs Regt

Humble, Stephen     R.Pioneer Corps

Humphrey. John William      Fusiliers

Huntrod, Anthony            Royal Navy




Jackson, Ernest  M.M.             D.L.I.

Jane, Elijah (John)   Yorks Regt/D.L.I

Jenkins. E.H. Game    R.H.A / R.F.A.

Jenkins. William Hawkins        R.F.A.



Kelly, John Robert       Light Dragoons

Kemp, William                 R. Artillery

Kirby. Matthew N        Canadian Eng

Knaggs. Joseph A         R.F.C./R.A.F



Lawson, William              R. Artillery

Lee, Joseph                    Royal Navy

Little. David                     Royal Navy


Mclelland, Robert                   R.A.F.

McRoy, James                 Yorks Regt

McRoy, John George    KIngs R.R.C.

Malcolm,John       15th/19th Hussars

Metcalf, John Rowntree       R.N.V.R.

Miller, Simon                          R.M.P.

Mitchinson. Frederick      Royal Navy

Morritt, James                          D.L.I.


NIcholson, Harold                   R.F.A.

Nicholson, Isaac            Rifle Brigade







Parkin, John Little             R.Artillery

Patrick, Alexander             R.A.O.C.

Patrick, Thomas            Royal Navy

Paterson. Robert             R.Artillery

Peggie. Kenneth              R Artillery

Pemberton. William            Light Inf


Quigley John (Jack)               R.A.F.




Rattray, Peter                 Royal Navy

Redford, John                           D.L.I.

Redford. Stanley                       D.L.I.

Reeves, George                 R.Artillery

Renton. Francis Shevill     N.Fusiliers

Richardson, John Edward         D.L.I.

Richardson. William                  D.L.I.

Roberts. William                        D.L.I.

Robertson,Brian               R.Artillery  

Rush, William Henry       Royal Navy    

Ryles, Thomas Henry                D.L.I.


Scott, Ernie                         R.E.M.E.

Smith. Arthur. D.                  R.A.O.C.

Smith, Colin                    Royal Navy

Smith, James                  N.Fusiliers

Stafford, Ronald (Ronnie)    Light.Inf

Stevens, William .F.  M.M.      D.L.I.

Stewart. John.                         D.L.I.

Storey. Darren        Coldstream Gds

Surtees. Ronald                        R.A.F.



Tansey, Sean         Household Cav

Taylor, George                 R.A.O.C.




Urwin, Robert Howarth          K.O.Y.L.I.




Vincent, Percy                              R.M.

Vincent, Rachel Hannah             R.A.F


Wakefield. John James      R.Artillery

Walker, Richard. R         R.Engineers

Walton. Stephen Terrence       R.G.J.

Watson Frederick              R.Hussars









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All data is offered in good faith. Should you feel any information is inaccurate or incomplete please contact info@safn.org.uk